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Top : Issues : Environment



  • borderlines — Provides information and analysis on environmental and development issues in the U.S.-Mexico border region
  • CIESIN — A non-profit, non-governemntal organization that provides information that helps scientists, policy-makers, and the public better understand the human dimensions of socioeconomic and environmental issues
  • Competitive Enterprise Institute — A non-profit, non-partisan research and advocacy group dedicated to the prinicples of free enterprise and limited government
  • CSIRO Atmospheric Research, Australia — CSIRO Atmospheric Research conducts research into weather, climate and atmospheric pollution, concentrating on environmental issues affecting Australia and the world
  • Enviro-Net — Environmental industry news of interest to engineers, scientists, geologists and other professionals in the Southeast U.S.
  • Environmental Change & Security Project — A division of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, this organization serves as an information earinghouse on views, activities and policy initiatives relating to environment, population and security
  • Environmental Policy Task Force — The Environmental Policy Task Force is a coalition of free market groups who want to protect the environment without hurting people.
  • Gaia Brain page and Walter Cronkite Draft — A site with a series of papers related to the "convergence of politics, economics and biology produc[ing] a synthesis of capitalism and communism." One paper describes how "a political system that taxes pollution and other adverse environmental impacts would act as a sensory nervous system for earth." Also includes a campaign to draft Walter Cronkite for President
  • Global Response — Provides information about environmental emergencies and works to involve citizens in organized international letter writing campaigns
  • International Rivers Network — Supports local communities working to protect their rivers and watersheds and tries to halt river development projects it views as destructive
  • League of the NewJust — "Our organization is about raising awareness to environmental issues, the anti-democratic practices of large corps, and other issues which adversely affect life on Earth"
  • National Pollution Prevention Roundtable — The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable is a membership organization devoted solely to promoting efforts to eliminate or reduce pollution at the source.
  • NewEnvironmentalism.Org — A project of Reason Public Policy Institute devoted to monitoring and highlighting innovative environmental policy at the state and local level
  • Rainforest Action Network — Works to protect the Earth's rainforests and support the rights of their inhabitants through education, grassroots organizing, and non-violent direct action
  • Resource Productivity — Argues that "resource productivity" must improve counteract the environmental impact of growing global consumption
  • Resources for the Future — A nonprofit and nonpartisan organization based in D.C. that conducts independent research on environmental and natural resource issues.
  • The Woods Hole Research Center — The Research Center "combines scientific research with policy endeavors to understand and protect the world's forests and climatic system"
  • West Coast Environmental Law — Public Interest Environmental Law for British Columbia, providing free legal advice to citizens with environmental concerns

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