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  • A-albionic Research Archive — "Articles, Book/Back Issue Catalogs, Ruling Class/Conspiracy Research Resources, Intelligence DataBases, Quarterly Journal, Subscription & Ordering Instructions. Current Working Hypothesis: 'The Overt and Covert Organs of the Vatican and British Empires are Locked in Mortal Combat for Control of the World'"
  • Abuses of the BATF — A web page "witnessing the abuses perpetrated by agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms"
  • Action-America — Articles on property seizure, taxes, privacy, campaign finance reform, and more -- "stimulating commentary on problems facing America with points of view that are not generally available elsewhere. Some unique solutions"
  • Altered Evidence — Site alleging cover-up and Justice Department harassment of truth-seekers in the TWA Flight 800 crash
  • American Holocaust — "Detailed description and analysis of US global interventions and the harm they have and are causing"
  • Anti-Racist Action, South Bend, IN — Webpage for ARA South Bend, Indiana chapter, which combats racism, sexism, and anti-gay prejudice through education and direct action
  • BORN LIBERAL's Political Site — Political message board, references, global news, journals, polls, search engines. No registration, or affiliation necessary.
  • Bryan Caplan Homepage — Resources on libertarianism, Communist atrocities, economics, anarchism, and more
  • Burton Ridgeway's Briefs — "A dark horse enters the campaign for the Presidency, with an entirely different approach"
  • Cabradilla Manifesto, The — A tale of the (political and other) disillusionment of a student at an elite liberal arts college
  • Cafe Underground — Encouragement, support, resources, tools and entertainment for social and environmental activists. Detective novels, gourmet recipies and much more
  • Church of Euthanasia — A site devoted to "restoring balance between humans and the remaining non-humans through voluntary population reduction"
  • David D. Friedman's Home Page — Website of an "anarchist-anachronist-economist" and professor of law at Santa Clara University. Contains links to his writing, including portions of his book, Hidden Order: The Economics of Everyday Life
  • Duke's Political Ranting — "Aa political forum for conservative beliefs. It includes interactive polls and areas to leave messages for the public"
  • DV8R's Web Rebel Base Camp — "The web-based network that helps independent thinkers find resources, info, and links to other activists"
  • Feminocracy — "There is a fine line between feminism and child abuse. This article uses the holocaust analogy to describe the ravaging of America's children"
  • For Those Who Care — Michigan Reform Party member information, plus personal statements about the U.S. political system
  • Free Republic — Conservative web site with over 20,000 registered users dedicated to restoration of the Constitution. Site contains news and discussion forums
  • God Bless Ronald Reagan — "Dedicated to providing a conservative's view that accurately describes the Reagan years"
  • Greater Things — Includes "scripture-based opinions on current events for the preservation of freedom, sustaining the Constitution and exposing the conspiracy against it"
  • House of Crooks — Covers various scandals that many legislators have had over the years. Includes Barr, Lott, Gephardt, and others
  • Ideas — "Our future depends on our integration and social sanitization. This site develops germane ideas to enhance our social development"
  • im4america — "Conservative issues and links to encourage civic envolvement -- conservative issues that are key to sustaining the American Dream."
  • Impeach Judge Braslow — A site urging the impeachment of New York Family Court Judge Ingrid S. Braslow
  • In Media Res — A conversation about the New York Media world by insiders
  • Issues & Views — "So you still believe that all blacks think alike? Reporting from the frontline of dissent since 1985"
  • Issues That Matter — "A directory of organizations and research sites organized by issues that affect our quality of life"
  • Jet Pack Leadership — TJ Flavell is a young gay leader interested in establishing a new bipartisan force in American politics
  • Judi Bari Home Page — Site is dedicated to Judi Bari, environmental and social justice organizer who fought against the liquidation logging of California redwood forests by big timber corporations and who survived a bombing of her car
  • Knowledge = Freedom — Complete information and book detailing how America came to be in the state it is in.
  • Leonard Peltier & AIM Information — "Each February 6th marks another anniversary of incarceration for Leonard Peltier. Help Us To Secure Justice For An Innocent Man!"
  • Liberal Slant — "Alternative news coverage and many newsworthy articles either glossed over, or missed altogether, by the mainstream media"
  • Libertywon — Libertywon is a Christian-Libertarian site "advancing materials and an agenda dealing with the politics of liberty"
  • Malaysia's Muddling — "Investing in Malaysia ? What does a profit amount to if it's held captive and can't be taken out?"
  • Michael New Home Page — Site to support an american serviceman who refused to serve under U.N. command
  • Moorereport Newsletter — Twice monthly political newsletter directed at conservative Christian community, authored by nationally known political consultant
  • NoGore.Com — NoGore.Com is dedicated to providing as much information as possible to voters about Mr. Gore before election 2000
  • NoSacredCows — Features articles on anarcho-capitalism, voluntaryism, freedom philosophy, and other issues concerning individual freedom
  • Originalmeaning.com — "A web site dedicated to promoting the original meaning of the United States Constitution"
  • Ossining NY Orator — Articles for residents on "legal" land theft, free speech, discrimination, development, selective law enforcement, community issues
  • Ossining Online — A community-focused forum for residents of Ossining, New York
  • Pacifica/KPFA Activist Page — Activism opportunities to save KPFA/Pacifica Free Speech Radio, including signing up for the "flood of letters" campaign
  • Pittsburgh World Federalist Association — Working to ensure peace, economic progress, and the protection of the environment and human rights through global structures such as a strengthened United Nations
  • Pocono Libertarians — A monthly public forum dedicated to issues of individual liberty, personal responsibility, free markets, and choice in all matters.
  • Private Solutions — Promotes private solutions to public problems without government subsidy or sponsorship.
  • Pro-Con Web — A norwegian site that is a "home for politically incorrect independent thinkers." Some articles in English
  • Roy's Private Universe — Second amendment and freedom issues and links, plus recipes. "If you enjoy eatin' 'n' shootin' as much as I do, you've come to the right spot"
  • Rush Is Right! — A political site with information and discussion about Rush Limbaugh
  • Suzanne's Bill Action Site — Activism page for New York Assembly Bill 7078-C, Suzanne's Bill, the Assault and Abduction School Zone bill. Write emails, print petitions.
  • Takver's Soapbox — Community action news and commentary on Australian labour and community issues - unions, community health, land rights, and social policy
  • The People's Path Home Page — Includes paths to sites concerned with activism, environmental issus, the rights of Native American Indians, plus government and law sites, many of which are specific to issues concerning Native American Indians
  • The Righter — Articles and links on limited constitutional government, gun rights, asset forfeiture, psychiatric abuse, libertarianism, Judaism, activism, personal responsibility, freedom, libery, Waco, and patients rights
  • The TipSmith Pages — Libertarian issues, facts, commentary, opinion, quotations, and links. Smoking research and commentary
  • The Unofficial Village of Greenport Web Site — The unofficial news of the Village of Greenport, Greenport, NY, "the most politically contentious one square mile in New York State ... famous throughout the state for its political intrigue, sex scandals, and disgraced public servants..."
  • The War Party — Listing of "Americans and institutions who favor small wars and preparation for wars--big media, Congressmen, think tanks, military industrial complex"
  • Upstate Liberty — Dedicated to the creation of the 51st state, West New York
  • Views From My World — Essays and commentary on politics, education, public health, taxation, current events, social and religious values, and historical perspectives
  • Voters for None of the Above — Non-partisan organization dedicated to enacting Voter Consent Laws, placing "None of the Above" on the ballot
  • Your Freedom — Home of Jason Zenda's "COMMON SENSE" rants

Check back frequently for new additions as we categorize the 5000+ political & policy websites indexed by our search engine. Submit your site to this category here!

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