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  • Albion Monitor — "The news you're missing" -- U.S. and world political, environmental, and human rights coverage
  • AllTexas News — "Your Internet Blowtorch of the Southwest." Political news and commentary from a conservative angle
  • America's Future — "Promoting free enterprise and constitutional government since 1946"
  • American Partisan — Seeks to revive a genuine new American partisanship. Don't come here looking for consensus, come here to be challenged. Don't expect a particular brand of politics, we're more like a supermarket. And lastly, don't EVER think you can win an argument with us by saying, "the American people disagree with you."

    Because you will only invite the response, "Then the American people are wrong."

  • annoy.com — "...a high-octane flame-thrower on a mission...offering an online service that delivers scathing, anonymous postcards to public figures, and dishes up corrosive commentary and graphics hammering every hot-button issue from abortion to Zionism" -- Steve Silberman, Wired News
  • City Journal — A quarterly magazine created to communicate to a broad and influential audience innovative ideas about restoring the quality of life to America's cities
  • Conscious Choice — Environmental issues and natural alternatives in health care, food, and nutrition from a perspective that sees the world as an interconnected, interdependent community
  • Corporate Watch — An online magazine and resource center, producing regular features on corporate accountability, human rights, social and environmental justice
  • FEED Magazine — Online journal of media, technology and culture.
  • Frank's Case Book — Weekly commentary on politics and the culture from a conservative perspective
  • Freezerbox — An opinion-based magazine about culture, technology and politics. "The aim is to take an interdisciplinary approach, while publishing well conceived ideas which reflect the rhizomatic nature of our surroundings"
  • Hemp News — Since 1992. News on cannabis and hemp from around the world
  • HispanicVista.com — A Daily Hispanic News & Information Service. Original content including political issues and commentaries
  • IntellectualCapital.com — A weekly nonpartisan e-zine of opinion and analysis on the latest social and political issues
  • KenLayne.com — Articles by Ken Layne, including a vaguely political column from a writer-journalist at UPI Washington
  • Life&Liberty — "Conservative Republican political columnist Brian W. Peterson extols the virtues of morality, patriotism, capitalism, and liberty while pointing out the humor of liberalism"
  • LM Online — Argues for free speech, liberty and progress. Includes regular commentaries, discussion fora, and research resources
  • Moderate Republican — "Militant Moderate Republicanism. A site where Republicans are proud to be Moderate and understand what it means historically, philosophically, and politically"
  • National Information Service — The NIS's "purpose ... is to inform and educate Americans about crucial issues from a conservative prospective"
  • New Perspectives Quarterly — A magazine that "consistently engages the best minds and most authoritative voices in cutting-edge debate on current affairs"
  • New Renaissance — An international quarterly providing a progressive perspective on environmental, social, cultural and political issues
  • Page 1 News: Real News From The Real World — National and international news summary, with commentary from a conservative point of view. Features a regular column called Exegesis: A Compass For Moral Excellence
  • Politics - Suite101 — Contributing Editors write about politics and guide others on the best of the web
  • Progressive Populist — "Journal from the Heartland that believes people are more important than corporations." Original reporting, columns and reprints from alternative publications
  • Reason — A monthly national magazine with a dynamic libertarian perspective
  • Suck.com — Occasionally brilliant, frequently offensive, Suck.com is an online commentary on society, culture and politics.
  • The Agora Cosmopolitan — A Canadian not-for-profit news magazine covering civil rights, human rights and politics.
  • The Common Conservative — Web magazine featuring political commentary from Republican and Libertarian perspectives. "Our editorials attack liberalism with both barrels blazing"
  • the counterpoint — An independent newspaper/e-zine distributed from Hudsonville, Michigan
  • The Crackpot — A liberal weekly satirizing national politics and politicians
  • The Independent Review — A scholarly, quarterly journal "devoted to critical analysis of government policy and excellence in the study of economic, social, legal, and political issues"
  • The Other Voice — Trinity College's left-leaning monthly opinion magazine
  • The Smoking Gun — An e-zine devoted to exposing quirky, revealing and often confidential government documents.
  • The Soupletter — "Duck Soup: Essays on the submerging culture," by C.L.Bothwell III
  • The Washington Monthly — "magazine...to help you understand our system of politics and government, where it breaks down, why it breaks down, and what can be done to make it work"
  • Toward Freedom — International news and opinion from a progressive perspective
  • Toward Freedom — Progressive world affairs print and online magazine focusing on human rights, globalization, and struggles for social justice and self-determination
  • Tusovka — "A rendez-vous of political ideas, analyses and experience...and more." In Russian and English
  • TV Rundown — Articles and resources about television news, including some on tv and politics
  • World Press Review — Provides translated and republished articles and commentary from the world's magazines and newspapers

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